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 Switch from l4dtoolz to left4downtown

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sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: Switch from l4dtoolz to left4downtown   2013-08-07, 09:51

I've switched all servers from l4dtoolz to left4downtown.
This solves some [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

I hope 10 clients can connect as before without problems.
Because l4dtoolz was used to enable more playerslots.
Now left4downtown should do this.
And the lobby unreserve thing.


While looking for something different on alliedmods I found this post where someone was talking about problems with l4dtoolz and custom campaigns error "ED_ALLOC: No Free Edicts".
So I tried the left4downtown playerslot version from here with the gamedata from here
"Drop Dead Gorges" and "Dead Before Dawn 2 DC" are not crashing anymore.
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sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: Re: Switch from l4dtoolz to left4downtown   2013-08-12, 07:39

Found some problems when using left4downtown instead of l4dtoolz.

The number of max players on the server in the steam group view in the game itself is wrong.
It showed 8 players max but 10 are configured.
Other tools like HLSW correctly show 10 players max.
And also the server browser in game shows 10 players max.

Now it seems that the servers are not in the in-game steam group view anymore at all.
So I don't see any server in the bottom right in the game menu anymore.
Don't know if it is related to left4downtown.
Because before I could see them but with 8 instead of 10 players max.
Update: Just started the game today and the steam group servers are visible again. Maybe steam has a problem itself sometimes so that the group servers are not showing. The last two days I did not see any server (our and others) in the steam group view.

When I see firends playing in game (bottom left in the menu) and I click on them, I only see "not in joinable game" or so when they are playing on one of our servers.
A little after the change to left4downtown I saw our servers there but with only 4 players max.
Now it simply says "not in joinable game".

So it seems that we have lost the steam group and in-game display support when switching to left4downtown but we have more custom campaigns working without crash because of "ED_Alloc: no free edicts" error.
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Switch from l4dtoolz to left4downtown
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