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 The spirit of the servers

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sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: The spirit of the servers   2013-10-05, 18:31

I feel like it is neccessary to write a little about the spirit of the servers.

We all started as noobs.
Long ago when I played the game for the first time I was lucky.
I found some good servers with nice guys.
They helped me and they teached me how to get better.
Without them I maybe would not have continued playing this game.
And even these servers would not be here now.

If you are an expert you should help the others get better too.
This helps more than blaming them playing on normal difficulty etc.

If the "noobs" or new players are playing normal difficulty, let them play.
You can vote and see if they like to change.
But don't argue and call them noob.
This does not help.
You can also play on alServ2018 or alServ2021, where the difficulty is increased automatically with more players or you can vote it higher there too.
This was the reason for the automatic difficulty.
So that expert players always have a server with higher difficulty.

I just wanted to point that out.
If you are an expert, give tipps to new players and help them survive.
This is better as calling them noobs only.

Having a good place with nice guys was one reason I got addicted to the game.
The community in the past was so nice.
This spirit should survive and continue here on alServ2000 too.

Happy gaming to all of you

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PostSubject: Re: The spirit of the servers   2013-10-05, 20:56

I am a noob at this game and due to my job i can only play this on week-ends, it world be nice if some players will wait for other to catch up.

But i must underline a small fact here: using a Molotov next to other players is also noob-ish Wink
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Running dead
Running dead

PostSubject: Re: The spirit of the servers   2013-10-14, 00:35

alBert2000 wrote:

We all started as noobs.
Yes, we all started out as noobs! I dont know about others, but i MEGANOOB! I am proud this achieve! I dont care about the complexity , I dont care about novices , I dont care about professional... if we lost then we all sing together "noob noob nooooooooooooob "!  You noob or shmub , boy or girl, if you're a normal person then we will be friends! If you shot me then you will die by my hand after a few seconds, if you raised me with the defibrillator then I'll cover your back , even at the cost of my life!

All maps is shit!
Mainly in the game - players, chat, and the onslaught of attack!

pfffffff, jajaja, hahaha and (und) Very Happy Laughing sunny

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Walking dead
Walking dead

PostSubject: HEEEEEEEEEEEEY    2013-10-21, 20:49

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PostSubject: Re: The spirit of the servers   

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The spirit of the servers
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