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 Backpack in Survival Mode

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PostSubject: Backpack in Survival Mode   2013-10-09, 00:11

Ok, i was play this night with some friends on a steam server on survival and its anoing, to spennd 10 minutes for get supplies like pills or grenades to a place to hide. So i search for a plugin, that makes it easyer to get fast needet things to a specel place: A backpackplugin.

You can:

- get much more grenades, heal items
- get now all tipes of items for a slot by same time ( like a defi AND medikit + may some specel ammo if u find)
- you can switch between the grenade ir other item you need at time (like it tank comes, molly is better as pipebomb)
- get fast needed things o a upper place, were the old way (pick up defi, kit, defi, kit) not work
- still give players items you not need, like kit, pills ect
- the bots will still collect 1 item they can carry in a slot and share

You can not:

- backpack big carryitems, like a gascan ect

Know Bugs:

- pass pills/adrenalin only works by press r at front of target or stand directly at front aof target to throw pills. otherway, they will store back in backpack
- timer for next item ( if u have 2 pipeboms, u throw, next will select automatic) not work anytime

This plugin is only on survival active, it will breake coop gameplay, if one player steal all medikits at start.

May we can fix it up to limit it to have only one item at same time ( one pipe, molly bile ect)


- Write !pack to show all your item you carry at time
- Write !pack 1 (1-9) so fast select a item. better look !pack and memmory the numbers Very Happy 

Have Fun and Survive ^^
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Backpack in Survival Mode
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