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 Enforcement of Da Rules?

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Zack Zack Pinkie Pie
Walking dead
Walking dead

PostSubject: Enforcement of Da Rules?   2013-10-29, 10:45

I'm not sure how the Alserv hierarchy works but hopefully this will get to anyone with the power.

What with the enforcement of Da Rules, I have found that some of them are done in the most irritating way possible.
But I don't want to dig in too deep on that.

May I suggest that someone puts Da Rules in the server barner, you know that thing that pops-up when you join a dedicated server or type !info in the chat console.
I just thought it would be the logical thing to do if we want reinforce Da Rules, that way players are always aware of them.

Second note. Isn't it possible to install a VOCALIZE COMMAND FATIGUE system?
Its a thing where people are still allowed to use a few commands but only for a limited number of times before gagging the player for a set amount of time.

That means after using any command in a short interval of time, the player won't be able to use any vocalize commands except for with the exception of playeremarks because those are set off by the AI director or scripted events.

That is all for now, if you're looking for me. You can always look me up on the Dead Frontier MMORPG game and forums. Gonna be playing this for a while or at least until my ban is lift. (IGN: Azmi Anuar aka Mistar Z)

Thank you for read and have fun! And remember follow DA RULES! or Jorgen Von Strangle will strangle you with his Bierberconda.. No pun intended Titan.
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Major Tom
sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: Re: Enforcement of Da Rules?   2013-10-29, 14:10

Muah ah ah ah
We received hundreds of complaints about you spamming the radial menu, i connect a few days ago after i received a pm about that... And you carried on spamming vocal chat menu "undercover" making other characters talk...

And now after being banned by al, you give us advices for a plugin to avoid that kind of behavior !!!!
Muah ah ah ah

Seriously, we really need time to polish the server... It's time consuming...
I really laughed a lot while reading your post but...
No more waste of time with troll ingame or on the forum  !!!


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Enforcement of Da Rules?
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