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 Let's Play Custom... :D

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Running Dead
Running Dead

PostSubject: Let's Play Custom... :D    2013-11-16, 07:53

Hello fellow zombie-haters!!! Very Happy 

Let's talk about..hmmm..let me think... scratch 

What about L4D? hehehe!!! ^^ 
A great horror, cooperative, first person shooter, game of the year 2008 (i think, i have the "game of the year" edition at least Cool ), a "Zombie Apocalypse", hordes of sprinting infected, interesting and cool main characters, amazing atmosphere and non-stop action!
And then L4D2 comes..Includes L4D and its game modes (!), with better graphics, more survivors, more guns, melee weapons, mutations, more special infected, more places to explore and of course more hordes to kill....
And that's all? Of course not! There is a very active community which expands the whole experience, the adventure, the fun, with tons of custom material.

Our subject is the custom campaigns obviously.
There are sooo many and sooo brilliant custom campaigns that it's impossible to get bored (at least until L4D3 will be released..finally! Laughing  ).
So let's play custom campaigns and then let's review them! That is the purpose of this forum.
We play on our servers or on a vanilla server (we will see about that) a custom campaign, we record the zombie massacre and then we post our opinions, our comments about the specific campaign and we rate it of course, on a scale of 0 to 10! It's fun to judge, isn't it?! Twisted Evil
The forum is about our favourite stuff so i don't expect to see low points in here! ^^

This is just the begining, so if you have any proposition to make about this new forum or you want to suggest your favourite, "must" play campaigns, to "put on the microscope", feel free to express yourselves Very Happy

The Mastermind behind all this, Major Tom (i'm just a private/minion/helping hand  Embarassed  lol!) suggested to start with one of the latest additions on AlServers, "The Bloody Moors" and i think that it's a great idea!!! cheers 

That's all for now...Let's get ready to rumbleeeee or as Francis says "Let's go kill some vampires." What a Face 

sunny  bounce bounce bounce sunny

My motto ;D
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Let's Play Custom... :D
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