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 Rejoin and TA TK manager

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Walking dead
Walking dead

PostSubject: Rejoin and TA TK manager   2014-01-10, 15:18

We have so many bad players that i can't be patient anymore.
At first i wanna tell about melee and TA. Sometimes bad players use melee for friendly fire. They don't get TA points when use melee. TA manager don't work properly.
Now about TK manager. TK manager too kind and not fair. I mean bad players can kill 4 man before ban and not fair because you can't minus them like TA points.
It will be wonderful if i can minus TK points by using defib. I mean defib two times and minus 1 TK point  Smile.
Now about rejoin. Some players always rush. They don't worry about surviving. They can rejoin. They don't learn how to survive or cooperate. I don't worry about their rush. The real problem is point bug. Sometimes when player conect he has about 200 points. They just cheating i think.
We lost cooperate, players just run and think about their asses and only two or three players cooperate for killing tank or rescue for survivors. These players remember old time when if you're dead mean you're dead and rejoin not help you.
Sometimes i rejoin too but not for cheating. I rejoin because tired of playing the same chapter many times, or use adren and rush.
I miss old time when i decided that it is my server. We always played on advanced and i saw how to play. I had to learn fast to not let down team. It was wonderful days. I like hard play  Smile.
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sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: Re: Rejoin and TA TK manager   2014-01-10, 21:43

First little fix of the buy-system plugin:

Points are reset now when joining the server.

So you should never see any points from previous player who had the same client slot before.
And the reconnecting cheaters will loose their points too when they reconnect.

One drawback is, that if your client crashes and you have to reconnect freshly, your points are gone.
So if you have an unstable client, use your points always and don't collect them only.
Then you won't loose many points when your client crashes.

I hope it works now because some earlier attempt to reset points at client connect did not work as expected.
Updated plugin is installed on both coop servers 18/19.
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Rejoin and TA TK manager
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