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 Unique alserv2022

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Walking dead
Walking dead

PostSubject: Unique alserv2022   2014-01-22, 16:00

I have some idea how to make 2022 more unique.
My first idea is to make hybrid coop and versus. Maximum number of players will be 8 and 2 of them will play as infected. System will chose player and ask him if he wanna play as infected. If he agree he will lose all points. If player wanna play as survivor he can use command in chat which someone will make  Smile .
I have some idea how to balance gameplay but i don't anything about plugin or something else.
My second idea is to make versus more hard for real fighters only.
At first disable balance plugin. 4 men play against 4 men it's fair. If they can't fight it's their problem, they should learn faster.
It is too boring now, if maximum number of players will be 5 in both team. It will be more fun and more blood  Evil or Very Mad .
Now about tank hp. It is sick tank now, increase his hp. For real fighters it's easy to kill him (poor tank Sad ).
Make tank spawn on each chapter. It's better make spawn him in the middle of a map or between middle and end of a chapter.
I often play on c0d3r servers and they made it too, i mean place of spawn tank.
On some servers like c0d3r or Deadland infected can fly in ghost mode.
It's useful thing too. You can get to some place very fast and it's useful for boomer too. You can spawn in the air and give survivors surprise.
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Unique alserv2022
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