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 Dynamic Tank HP

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sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: Dynamic Tank HP   2014-08-22, 15:50

A few days ago I've adjusted the multitanks plugin so that the tank health points are now dynamic too.

The tanks health now depends on the number of connected human players.
The min value is currently 4000 (the z_tank_health cvar).
The max value is the configured value in the multitanks plugin.
There are multiple max values in the plugin depending on which tank it is.
e.g. for alServ2019 currently:
// Regular tanks
mt_health_regular_coop "18000.0"
// Tanks on final map (Before final start!)
mt_health_finale_coop "16000.0"
// Final tanks
mt_health_finalestart_coop "32000.0"
// Final tanks (Second Wave)
mt_health_finalestart2_coop "63000.0"
// When escape start
mt_health_escapestart_coop "17000.0"

The value is calculated as follows:
min + (((max - min) / sv_maxplayers) * connected_humans)

e.g. for a normal map with one human player on alServ2019
4000 + (((18000 - 4000) / 10) * 1) = 5400

e.g. for a normal map with 5 human players on alServ2019
4000 + (((18000 - 4000) / 10) * 5) = 11000

I think (and hope) that this offers a better adjustment of difficulty corresponding to the team size.

I had that idea after testing a custom campaign alone on alServ2019.
The super tanks spawned in narrow parts of the map and it was very hard to kill them even on normal difficulty (with e.g. tank HP of 18000).
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Dynamic Tank HP
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