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Walking dead
Walking dead

PostSubject: WEAPONS[scout,awp,ak47,desert,m4a]   2014-11-08, 12:54

Hi all,I want to speak about weapon balance.Now what I will say it is relate only Versus Server.
SNIPERS.On Versus Server weapons like sniper_scout and sniper_awp very hard to play with them.Spitter has 100 hp,I took sniper_scout and I kill her with 3 shots[sniper_awp 2 shots].I didn`t hit her legs or missed.Headshot-1 hit,except Charger[2 hits].I don`t know why.ANSWER- Charger Cool -).
RIFLES.For me best 1)rifle_desert,2)rifle_ak47,3)rifle[m4a].With those very easy to play.
My Suggestion.If scout and awp damage increase,rifles decrease[A LITTLE BIT]it will be normal.
Many Players use 1)Snipers,2)Rifles,3)Shotguns.
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sprinting dead
sprinting dead

PostSubject: Re: WEAPONS[scout,awp,ak47,desert,m4a]   2014-11-08, 13:39

Thanks for your ideas.

I just want to say that currently everything is Valves default on the Versus Server.
The SI health is on default.
The weapon damage is on default.

We have to be careful with keeping the balance between Infected and Survivor team.

Question to all:
What do you think about that?
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Admin Bronie

PostSubject: Re: WEAPONS[scout,awp,ak47,desert,m4a]   2014-11-15, 17:33

Snipers are not automatic, rifles are. so its normal a sniper with stronger bullets will deal more damage. I dont think its a good idea t o make sniper weaker or the auot weapons stronger. he rounds are same, so every side will/can use the same guns, spawn is same on a map. Its like Counter Strike: If you have a good player, he can deal most alone Smile
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PostSubject: Re: WEAPONS[scout,awp,ak47,desert,m4a]   

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