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 Underground Smoker

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Running dead
Running dead

PostSubject: Re: Underground Smoker   2016-01-17, 13:08

A little update: underground smoker from first post of Weishen, that is a trick to go under map like noclip, and grab survivor trough wall, or ground, with no possibility to kill infected. In coordination with Killogy, we will treat this like cheating, so warning and ban.
To not mix about what i talking, i mean NOT on 1:20 min in Grandmaster video (that is ok, allowed by game)
I mean only in enter under map trough weak wall materials, in level passing, dark Carnival - highway, and dead center- streets.
I know how to do it, so im cyclops
Please, Grandmaster and Jully, dont do that, i know you know how to do it Smile
Grand, about Anfield, if i see him on server i will warn him to not to do it, i use yesterday only to learn how to do it. If he continues to do that, Anfield will be banned.
Grand, try imagine you play Vs against some newbie who donnt know walk, and guy like that kill you with smoker from ground...
So this will be treated not bad like wallhack or speedhack, but something like 3personshoulder...
Grand, you can show me before that tricks, so i can learn more...
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Running dead
Running dead

PostSubject: Re: Underground Smoker   2016-01-17, 14:27

Update 02,

i make a screenshot of two trick- glitch that is not allowed, looks like cheating:

image upload no ads

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so exist some similar on passing ( i hope Grandmaster will show me)
And that is dirty tricks that not make you better player, and ruin a gameplay, because person who use it see walls and materials like noclip, and you exit from game details. when i try it, i feel empty... No gusta....
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Running dead
Running dead

PostSubject: Re: Underground Smoker   2016-01-23, 19:46

Little update:

i spend some time to watch "famous" channel who show tricks for l4d. And i make a categorization of tricks, and how it works. Notice: guys who record videos with tricks do that in controlled environment, where bots dont shoot or no attack or help, and in practice you cant do lot of stuff, and more of that is no useful...

1) tricks for survivors: in videos are presented stuff like climb up using materials to get higher ground or get faster trough one area of map. Real situation: in dark Carnival i pass buss trough climb in one spot, and i and other player get faster... But bots get regularly way, and infected catch them one by one. That is one step like rusher forward, and 3 steps backward.
When you get higher ground in work hall, and get incap by infected, nobody can help you.
So these tricks works only in teory...

2) Tricks for infected stage 01: in some maps is lot of charger death.. Charger get a spot, and crush survivor trough window, from roof or in lake, and instant death. You don't need watch videos how to do it, experienced player learn and get that by itself. Normal gameplay...

3) Tricks for infected stage 02: there exist some tricks where infected work together. In some spot where is barricade smoker pulls survivor, and charger get him, after charger is dead, survivor is from other side barricade, and cant go further on map. That is tricky, but: i see guys do that with success only once... In most situations infected fail, and loose turn of spawning, so tricks have 2 side of medal..

4) Tricks for infected stage 03: using UNDERMAP materials... Like i show in post before, it is possible to get under map, and get survivors, and nobody can shoot infected. This is possible on one spot for most maps, and i know them all.You can se that if smoker pull survivor trough ground or wall, and you see only tongue, and stuff similar like that.

Final conclusion: -tricks for survivors: totally un-useful, you make more damage to itself using that...
-tricks for infected stage 01: normal part of gameplay
-tricks for infected stage 02: little dirty, rare sucess, wery rare someone do that, but i will tolerate this...
-tricks for infected stage 04: dirty as hell, i will be warn for that and ban. This is not a game anymore...

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PostSubject: Re: Underground Smoker   

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Underground Smoker
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